To snowplough or not to snowplough?
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To snowplough or not to snowplough?

Here is the insurance perspective on whether or not you should offer your services to clear roads and commercial properties when it snows.


We have been fortunate/unfortunate (delete as you see fit) to see heavy snow across many parts of the country over the past few weeks. During this time, many rural communities have been grateful to local farmers for using snowploughs to keep roads open. However, there are insurance implications to carefully consider before you go out with your snowplough on the next snowy morning.


In some cases, farmers do such work to keep the roads open for their own business and to aid the local community. In others they have a contract with the Local Authority for snow clearance and are paid by them. The majority of UK Tractor Insurance policies will cover snow clearing including where work is being done for the Local Authority.


Where a problem can is if the Farmer does snow/clearance and or gritting work for other commercial enterprises. If, for example, you have a contract to clear/grit car parks at a local supermarket or business park, your insurance cover will need extending to include cover for this type of work. This is fairly simple to arrange but you will need to disclose this information to your Broker/Agent.


Another recent example was snow clearing for an airport. This is definitely not covered. All vehicle insurance policies have an airside exclusion and separate specialist cover will need arranging.


We are pleased to answer any questions you may have in respect of this sort of insurance cover,

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