Rural, farm thefts – Which items are being targeted
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Rural, farm thefts – Which items are being targeted and how to avoid becoming a target

There have been a number of rural thefts over the past few months in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas, with farming businesses being warned to be extra vigilant. Here are the latest trends that we are seeing and advice on how to avoid being the next target.


What is being stolen?

We are largely seeing that thieves are targeting smaller tools which do not have electric plugs. For example, we are seeing that chainsaws and diesel compressors are being taken whereas electric hand drills are being left behind.

Other items commonly being stolen are trailers and GPS equipment, as these are high value and easy to sell on.


Preventative measures to take

The biggest deterrent for thieves is an alarm. These can be a significant investment but are well worth the expense. Clearly advertised (and obviously working) CCTV can also be an effective deterrent.

Thieves are getting smarter and are often checking out your farm before they strike, either by having a drive-through under the guise of being a lost driver (so keep farm gates shut and locked even throughout the day) or even by using drones! Keeping shed doors, in particular workshops doors, shut means that you will not be advertising what you have got and where.

Stopping access routes from field gateways also reduces the risk or being targeted. Concrete blocks, bales, old bits of farm machinery, fallen trees or even Poacher’s Blocks can make access (and escape with your goods) a challenge.

Of course, canny thieves will always find a way in if they are determined enough. Therefore, we recommend keeping a comprehensive record of the contents of your workshop with photos. If a theft does take place, it can be difficult to identify exactly what has been taken, so this will aid with that and support any insurance claims.





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