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Can I survive without BPS?

Berrys’ Partner and Business Consultant, William Tongue, gives his view on how to prepare for the end of the Basic Payment Scheme A client emailed recently, explained he was worrying about the future and asked, ‘Can I survive without BPS?’ Formulating an answer covers a lot of...

Converting buildings for commercial use

Having a diversified income stream is a vital way for many farming businesses to ensure a positive cashflow and to weather any storms such as reduced yields or changes in markets. One way that some farming businesses are diversifying is by converting old farm buildings,...

Choosing an insurer

I’m looking to change my farm insurance. How do I chose the right insurance provider for my farming business?   Ask in any Facebook group or on any forum for recommendations for a farm insurer and you are sure to get positive and negative feedback about all...

Snowy UK

To snowplough or not to snowplough?

Here is the insurance perspective on whether or not you should offer your services to clear roads and commercial properties when it snows.   We have been fortunate/unfortunate (delete as you see fit) to see heavy snow across many parts of the country over the past few...

Getting liability insurance right could avoid catastrophe

Simple, low-cost solution avoids concerns over inadequate cover amid escalating court awards The consequences of receiving a liability claim that exceeds your insurance policy indemnity limit could be catastrophic, warns farming and rural insurance advisor Acres Insurance Brokers, amid escalating personal injury awards over the last...

Is this the path to sustainable farming?

On Monday, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reveals their ‘Path to Sustainable Farming’, setting out the planned changes to agricultural policy in England from 1st January 2021 and what it will mean for farmers and land managers. Certain aspects of the proposal have...