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Minimising claims and down time during silage season

The silage season is often high-pressure, fast-moving and with long hours. With working conditions like these, accidents may seem inevitable. Whilst your insurer will usually pay out for these accidents, the cost of having the entire team standing by whilst the mower is out of...

Why careful consideration of liability indemnity limits is of key importance

We, at Acres, often have the conversation about public liability cover when we deal with our agricultural clients and their residential properties. We recommend that they consider increased indemnity limits for public, product and employer’s liabilities from the standard ‘off the peg’ limits available for...

Do your sums insured reflect the recent increase in lamb values?

Producers selling lambs and ewes in the run up to Brexit amid fears of decreasing values, wet weather making finishing lambs a challenge and limited imports have all contributed to the value of lamb being some of the highest they have ever been.   Therefore, we recommend...

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

We often get asked what the benefits are of using an insurance broker. The misconception is often that it is a more costly way of getting the insurance you need, due to there being a middle man involved in the process. However, this is not...

The impact of claims and how a broker can support you

No-one likes paying insurance premiums, whether it is for your dog, car or farming business, but we all know that it is a vital cost. However, what everyone does not realise is that you as a farming business are in control of the cost of...