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Supporting the farming community for the future

Renewable energy insurance has become something of a minefield particularly in respect to providing cover for AD plants, wind turbines and biomass boilers.

It is really important to consider the insurance implications at the feasibility stage to understand what’s possible and what’s not.

With our experience and access to specialist insurers, we can ensure that your devices – wind turbines, solar panels, heat pumps, biomass boilers and more – are properly protected at an affordable price.

Please contact us today for an independent insurance review

Whether you have already installed your renewable energy sources or not, we can assess the full scale of your requirements

If your investment is small, we are often able to arrange cover on an existing policy.

This should save you ample time and effort having to fill out extensive paperwork.

If your investment is much larger, we draw upon bespoke insurers to provide you with accurate cover which maps to scale your operation.


What we offer

Whilst we assess possible risks today, we are keen to consider future ramifications such as hazards, costs in the event of a claim and any legal jurisdiction you need to be aware of.

In return, you can feel confident that the policy we source protects you when and where you need it, giving you peace of mind in the meantime.

Are you thinking of investing in renewable energy? Perhaps you already have.

Either way, one simple phone call can determine the strength and suitability of an existing policy or gather specific requirements for a new one.

Get in touch to find out more.

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