Farm Diversification

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Vital support to help you branch out with confidence.

Remarkably, around 75% of the farms we work with have some form of diversification venture active or currently in the works. This could include anything from letting out residential or commercial property, agricultural contracting, farm shops, DIY livery, B&Bs, storage container businesses and much more.

For us, diversification is a completely normal element of modern agriculture and your insurance policy needs to accommodate your intentions.

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Diversification Examples

Letting for residential use

Letting for commercial use

Agricultural contracting

Farm shops

DIY livery


Holiday lets

Storage containers

Don’t see your intended project on the list? Worry not, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. We’re certain we can help you.


Whether you’ve already begun diversifying or exploring a project, we can help.

More and more, the insurers we work with have accommodated diversification projects. Yet with potentially higher-risk diversifications, specialist covers can be arranged.

We can include all the necessary insurance features to keep you up and running legally and include areas which will protect you should something unexpected occur.

What’s more, our knowledge of the industry and first-hand experience being involved in diversification projects means that we are well placed to meet your needs, and will already have a good idea of costs and insurance requirements for most diversification projects from the outset.

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