Our History

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Acres Insurance Brokers was started with a single, simple aim which is to provide farmers with the customer service and independent insurance advice they deserve.

Acres Insurance Brokers was started in 2018 by Nigel Wellings, with the simple aim of providing farmers with the customer service and quality independent advice that they deserve.

Nigel has huge experience in the farm insurance sector having previously founded and run Farmers and Mercantile Insurance for 22 years, prior to that he had been an agent for NFU Mutual Insurance. His Co Directors; Georgie Spencer, Steve Corton and Rollo Parsons bring along another 75 years of experience in the Farm and commercial Insurance market. They are very much experts in their field.

All the Directors are passionate about Farming and the Countryside, three of us with Farming connections. We were all fed up with large Corporate interests being put before the clients needs. Acres Insurance Brokers puts the client first and does what’s best for them. We pride ourselves on understanding the fine print in Insurance policies (which are often very confusing) and interpreting them for the benefit of the Client. It is just as important for the Client to understand what an Insurance policy does not cover, as well as what it covers. We work 100% for the client not the Insurer. Sadly that is not the case for many others in our sector!

Businesses face a period of huge change over forthcoming years and the importance of having the correct Insurance cover will be more important than ever.

We will always be competitive, but our main aim is to get you the right cover backed up by our friendly and proactive service.