Claas 8000 Series – Harvest Collection Ep 2
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Claas 8000 Series – Harvest Collection Ep 2

It’s not often a new range of combines is announced. Here FarmerTorque had the opportunity to look over the new Claas 8000 series at Hambleys South West Claas dealer with Adam Heyward explaining some of the advanced new features.

“It was really interesting to get an early look at the new Claas Lexion 8000 series combine, especially as I have recent experience of the last 780. The obvious headline is the much larger threshing area but for me the re-think to what Claas refer to as ‘dynamic cooling’ looked impressive. Time will tell how it works in the field. The new flex header should perform well with the machine it’s hard not to be impressed with the engineering and thoughtful touches that a combine operator would appreciate.

Time will tell, but I’ll be very surprised if the 8900 model isn’t the highest output combine on the market at the moment.” – Opinion by Farmer Torque

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