install heating in your farm buildings-what_you_need to know
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Feeling the chill? Before you install heating in your farm buildings, here is what you need to know.

All farm buildings are insured as being unheated unless stated otherwise. Therefore, you must disclose any heating in any farm buildings to your broker to be included on your policy, including heating in workshops or in sheds housing livestock.

Insurers favour certain types of heating over others based on their level of risk, so it is wise to check with your broker before going to the expense of buying or installing something which may then result in higher premiums.

Insurers are wary of portable heaters, as these can be very easily placed next to flammable items thus increasing the risk of fire, and so fixed heating is preferred, such as fixed infra-red lamps. Fires or boilers must be professionally installed and maintained (chimneys swept and boilers inspected where necessary), with records of this maintenance kept.



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