Acres Insurance supports ‘Driving Ukraine'
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Acres Insurance supports ‘Driving Ukraine’

Acres Insurance Brokers is extremely proud to have organised and donated insurance for a vehicle that was part of a recent convoy to the Ukrainian military in Lviv.

You may have heard of the national ‘Driving Ukraine’ initiative, which has gained attention in the farming press since the beginning of the year. There is continuing demand from the Ukrainian military for ambulances, and vehicles like pick-ups, so a group of farmers and others working in the agricultural sector, known collectively as ‘Driving Ukraine’, is working to collect 4x4s to send to the front line, alongside much-needed aid.

The initial target was to send 100 pick-ups to Ukraine – last week, this target was reached, and the group is now onto its next target of 200.

In Deddington near Banbury, father and son duo Angus and Fynn Watt, alongside Stuart Rolt, have been assembling support to help reach this target. Since the beginning of the war, Fynn, Angus and Stuart have been responsible for 31 vehicles reaching Ukraine.

Led by 22-year-old Fynn, they have been raising funds to purchase and service vehicles, as well as encouraging vehicle donations from the farming community. They have recently returned from their latest trip, having driven in a seven-vehicle convoy in April.

Included in this convoy was a pick-up kindly donated by Acres Insurance client Steve Armstrong, who heard about Fynn’s local initiative through a farming friend. Steve realised he had a suitable pick-up, so he put it through its MOT and signed up to the convoy, also drafting in a fellow farmer to donate an additional vehicle.

Insurance for Steve’s truck was organised and donated by Acres, enabling the vehicle to reach Lviv after a four-day journey. When the vehicles arrive in Lviv, they are sprayed in military colours and immediately put to work, moving soldiers, and for general military purposes.

Alongside insurance, Acres also supplied beanies and hats for soldiers on the frontline, and Acres director Nigel Wellings is hoping to visit the military base in Lviv later in the year as part of a future convoy to provide yet more vehicles.

If you would like to support Fynn’s initiative, the campaign has established a fundraising page for those who would like to contribute towards the cost of a pick-up or the purchase of supplies. Or if you think you have a suitable vehicle, please do get in touch with Stuart Rolt – 07866 264680.

Angus Watt, Fynn Watt, Stuart Rolt.

The vehicles are sprayed in military colours and immediately put to work.

Alongside insurance, Acres also supplied beanies and hats for soldiers on the frontline.

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